When the time comes to go on a journey, space is no longer a problem.

For many people, the long-awaited holidays are here. Some of you have already decided what to do: visit family, enjoy the beach, go travelling with friends, go travelling alone, stay in a hotel, a flat, on a campsite, in a rural house, etc. A range of choices for a range of tastes.

We sometimes look at the possibility of having more contact with nature, of enjoying a few days at the beach or in the mountains, and we want to enjoy the sports that we like most. That makes it essential to take our sports kit with us: bikes, the boat, tents, and a long list of essentials.

That is when we find ourselves with a little bit of a problem: where do we put all that, and what do we leave at home? The answer: nothing, because we can now take everything we want for our holidays.

The Combi-Luxus trailer lets you take all that is needed to enjoy the holidays as you wish, without having to leave anything behind. It has several uses, since you can adapt it to the needs of the moment. Whilst carrying all your luggage and accessories, it also acts as a bike rack. It is perfect: everything in a single trailer.

Remolque Combi Luxus

Remolque Combi-Luxus

The folding system for the bike rack allows easy access to the trailer contents at any time.
Remolque Combi-Luxus con sistema portabicicletas abatibleRemolque Combi-Luxus con tapa de poliester abatible

The option of the upper polyester cover can be combined with the bike rack.

You no longer have an excuse for not taking everything you want on the holiday you want.

For more information on the Combi-Luxus trailer, e-mail us at info@lafuente.eu, or call +34 952 625 840.